Go360 Services



Directors Treatments - An image speaks a million words and can set the tone for the whole campaign. We collaborate closely with directors to insure their creative vision and artistic direction is followed through.

Commercial Presentations - We specialize in putting websites together so that you can harness moving images and music to give your directors treatments an extra edge with clients and agency. PDF, WEBSITE, OR BOUND BOOK.



Documentary Research Services - Specializing in documentary Research Reports and business plans.

Research - We can provide you with long and short-term research, everything from historical facts, current events, people, and notes for Director’s of Photography.

Photos / Stock Footage - We are photo-files and culture jammers and have a love for photography of all kinds. Through our collaboration with photographers, we own unique photo libraries that will give your treatment a personal touch.

Director of Photography Notes - We can provide you with DP’s notes and tricks from other shoots. How did they shoot that scene and what film stock did they use?



Business Plans - From start to finish, we can help you develop, research and layout your business plans.

Marketing Services - We have consulted a multitude of businesses incorporating graphics, visuals while harnessing the power of the internet to market their business in a cost effective manner.



EPK / Field Services - We have equipment packages to provide you with a reel of footage. I.e.. Subject interviews, locations, landscapes, people, behind the scenes and light studies.

Gift Baskets - Do you need custom gift baskets for your clients and agency? We can customize and tailor baskets for you within your budget.

Pre-Pro MeetingsWe can set up a professional and beautiful presentation for your meetings. We can tailor the food and beverages to your needs.

Concierge - Is a specialty service we provide for your agency and clients who have never been to Los Angeles. We can design an itinerary for them to enjoy the best of LA .